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10 simple acts of Kindness

Credit: Arshia Nisar

Kindness is very contagious. If you are kind to people, you have a positive energy around you that radiates to others around you as well, thus creating an atmosphere of positivity and goodness.

Just as evil acts come back to you in some other form, kind acts also come back to you in the form of kindness from some other person. So if you want to be treated kindly, treat others kindly. Here are a few simple acts of kindness which you can do to gain some extra reward.

  1. Give compliments to others. You can praise their dress, their cooking, their house etc. A small compliment might make someone else’s day a whole lot better.

  2. Be happy for the achievements of other people and celebrate them wholeheartedly instead of being jealous. Jealousy is bad for yourself as it gives birth to unnecessary hatred and negative emotions in your heart.

  3. Whenever you see someone, give them a smile. It is a small gesture from your end but a smile always makes the other person feel accepted and provides a special warmth. You can also greet the other person with Assalamu Alaikum which is a Dua in itself as it means “may peace be upon you”.

  4. Dua is a very strong tool that Muslims have. It hardly takes a minute to make Dua for another person but the effects can be massive. So another act of kindness that you can do is to pray for the other person.

  5. Speak nicely to everyone instead of being all grumpy and moody. Your mood can impact all those around you so always try to give off a positive vibe instead of a negative one.

  6. If someone wants to discuss their problems, lend them a listening ear and motivate them towards excelling at life.

  7. If you are feeling angry at someone, forgive them instead of giving in to your anger and yelling at them.

  8. If you see a colleague with a ton of work or your mom busy with chores, offer some help.

  9. When in a bus or any other public place, offer your seat to an elderly person, a pregnant woman or a disabled person.

  10. If someone asks for a glass of water, give them one instead of arguing that they are just being lazy and should get it themselves.

These acts of kindness take minimal effort however, you might not know their greatness in the sight of Allah (SWT). You might think of it as a small act but the respect and love it will create in the other person’s heart for you might be magnanimous so much so they’ll probably make Dua for you, wishing for you the best in life. These acts of kindness might even inspire other people to be good humans and thus you might be starting a chain of goodness. This ripple effect might lead the world to be a better place and every time someone inspired by you performs an act of kindness, you will also be rewarded.

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