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Common Mistakes in Ramadan

Updated: Apr 18, 2022


#1 Making Intention:

What is the right way to make intention for Siyaam/Fasting? Should it be said outloud? What is the right time?

#2 Delaying Iftaar:

Are you delaying Iftar? What does our sunnah say about the timing of iftar? Can you delay iftar because you are serving others or you are busy making dua before breaking fast?

#3 Making Dua

Are you forgetting the most important time during your fast? Do you get busy talking and serving food and miss out on this opportunity?

#4 Repeating After Adhan

Are you missing an important opportunity when the Adhan is called?

#5 Accidentally Eating While Fasting

Are you supposed to continue your fast if you accidentally eat something during it? Is your fast valid?

#6 Gossip & Lying While Fasting

Is fasting limited to not eating? How should are adaab be while talking in this blessed month? How aware should we be about using our tongue and speech during Ramadan?

#7 Neglecting Quran

Attending khatam in the masjid is not enough, that's their khatam not yours. You need to have more committed Quran goals...

#8 Zakaat

Are you stretching the annual due date of your Zakaat to give Zakaat in Ramadan? Are you falling for these common Zakaat mistakes?

#9 Finish Taraweeh

Are you leaving your Taraweeh incomplete? Are you missing out on the great ajr mentioned in our Sunnah because of this little mistake?

#10 Odour During Salaah

Are you following these basic rules when it comes to visiting the masajid for Salaah? Is it good etiquette to pray salaah when you or your clothes smell really strong?

#11 Being Unfair To Women In Ramadan

Are we demanding too much from women during the month of Ramadan? What can we do better?

#12 Taking Advantage Of Menstruation

Unfortunately many Muslim women think menstruation means absolute inability to do any ibadah. Although, when we look at our tradition what is not allowed is fasting and Salaah, there are many other acts of worship you can benefit from.

#13 Sharing Food

A simple sunnah that brings barakah in your home. A Sunnah that many overlook and ignore.

#14 Breaking Fast Without Real Need

Are you making these mistakes and being hasty about breaking your fast? When can we break our fast?

#15 Inviting Others

Are you being very selective about who you invite during Ramadan? What does our tradition say about inviting others into our homes?

#16 Praying At The Right Time

Are you delaying your prayers and not praying them on time? Can you combine Salaahs during Ramadan? How important is praying on time?

#17 Losing Motivation

Don't wait for the last 10 days and over look the importance of middle of Ramadan. Keep pushing and keep performing the smaller ibadat consistently.

#18 Not Brushing Teeth With Siwaak

Is it okay to not brush teeth and to let your mouth and breath smell strong during the month of Ramadan? Can someone brush once they have started fasting?

#19 How To Break The Fast

What is the correct way of breaking your fast? Is eating dates necessary to break the fast?

#20 Laylatul Qadr

Can we trust only one day to be laylatul qadr? Is 27th the only night?

#21 Dispute In The Community

It is okay to have a difference of opinion, what's not okay is that we divide and fight over those differences.

#22 Intimacy

Declutter and demystify doubts and concerns surrounding intimacy during Ramadan.

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