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Community Blood Drive

Community Blood Drive

When: Friday Apr 2nd, 2021

Time: 2pm - 8pm

Remaining Slots: 22

Registration Sponsor Code: IslamicCenter

Dear SMIC Family, Allah SWT said in Quran: "IF ANYONE SAVED A LIFE IT WOULD BE AS IF HE SAVED THE LIFE OF THE WHOLE HUMANITY." (QURAN 5:32) SMIC and American Red Cross will jointly host a blood drive Insha'Allah at SMIC. Please Donate Blood and Save Lives. By participating in blood drive, you will make a difference by saving lives and helping others in need. May Allah SWT reward you by increasing your blessings, forgiving shortcomings, and enter you into Jannah. Ameen!

Requirements: COVID Protocols: More Information

Age: 17 or older (16 and under with Parental Consent) Weight: 110 or more

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