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Eid Carnival

SMIC Eid Carnival

When: Saturday August 25th, 2018

Time: 11am - 3pm

Cost: $10/child

Assalamu-Alikum SMIC Family. We hosted SMIC Eid Carnival last year and it was amazing with the petting zoo, jump house and food.

Please join us on Saturday Aug 25th for another Eid Carnival. We arranged fun activities for our young ones including.

- Fire Station Inflatable - 38' Jr. Obstacle Course - Soccer Dart - Cotton Candy - Pony Rides

Cost: $10/child

If you are tired of eating the same food and want to venture out, we will have food vendors who will be bringing their best tastes to the carnival.

We are excited to host and looking forward to seeing your families. Please remember, this event is open to everyone regardless of race and religion.

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