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Meeting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

His Appearance

Muhammad ﷺ had a presence to him that left people in awe. What would it have been like to stand in front of the Prophet ﷺ and see him for the first time?

His Blessed Demeanor

Purposeful, humble, thoughtful, cheerful: the personality of the Prophet ﷺ was well-rounded and modest. What aspects of his demeanor might you notice if you spent time with him?

Attending His Khutbah

As you prepare to attend jummah tomorrow, imagine this: you’re in the masjid anxiously waiting for the Prophet ﷺ to arrive. What was it like to see him standing on the minbar and delivering the khutbah?

Praying Behind Him

We’ve all experienced the spiritual joy that comes with praying behind someone with a beautiful voice and an emotional prayer. To pray behind the one who perfected it ﷺ was an even greater experience.

Sitting in His Circle

The Prophet ﷺ would often take a seat in gatherings that were small, informal, or just for fun. No matter what the occasion, he honored those present with his attentiveness and knowledge.

With Him In The Trenches

There is no better indication of a strong leader than to witness their conduct with others under pressure. What was it like to stand arm-in-arm with the Prophet ﷺ in times of difficulty?

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