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Sianay Seniors Social Club Update

Salaam Everyone,

We are blessed to have had another  Sianey gathering today....Alhumdulillah!  Both our exemplary artists were  out of town today. 

We just had a very relaxing conversation. I was amazed to know more about uncle Jamil's childhood and his migration from India (Jammu/ Kashmir ) to Pakistan (Sialkot). Uncle was a young kid and he travelled 18 miles with his mother and sister in aTanga. His older brother joined him from Delhi. Insha'Allah, next setting we will unfold more episodes of his journey.

I always love Younus uncle's enthusiasm about life and ability to deal with any hurdle in life, with a positive attitude. 

We thoroughly enjoyed "Suji Ka Halwa" made by Fahmida auntie.

As always can't thank my dear friends Mumtaz and Shazia who are always there to support me.

Iman thanks a lot for coming to help Amma.

I was honored to read my father's (Abba's) article pertaining to a special life long friend "Khan Sahab". Everybody loved it. I also shared Iman's latest essay (A Quiet Bilingual Love) about her relationship with her Nana.

The real challenge is to bring more Sianay into this fold. It will be nice if the word is spread in other Masajid/ communities, so others can also join in and benefit us with their wisdom.

The options for pick and drop as I mentioned in the previous mail is using an Uber or calling a metro mobility . Please feel free to give us suggestions and Ideas .

Next Sianay will be on August 16th, Insha'Allah

Remain blessed,


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