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Seniors Social Club

Time:  11am - 2pm

Frequency: Every other Thursday and will be marked on SMIC calendar

Location: SMIC

Transportation: Arranged by family or services like Uber

Requirements: 60+ years and open to anyone regardless of race, gender, and beliefs

Contact: Sis Farooqua |


Assalamu-Alikum Dear Brother and Sisters,


We are proud to announce Seniors Social Club. If you are 60+ years and/or have family members, please join us for social gathering for seniors. The intention is to facilitate time to socialize together, in a safe, comfortable environment. A place they will tell stories of their children and grandchildren, stories from life experiences to have a hearty laugh. We will have this in the old musallah (easy access) and have comfortable chairs, reading material, board games and snacks (plus microwave, coffee percolator).


Please remember that in the next 5, 10, 20, and even 30 years we will be reaching the senior level too Insha'Allah. In lieu of that, it might not be high priority for us to support this program but once we reach the senior level, having successful senior programs will be essential. To prosper, we need to start now by providing support and encouragement to all the volunteers.

If you are asking how can I support even though I am not a senior. You contribute by volunteering, spreading the word, assisting in any way so we can set an example for our next generation on how to take care of our community seniors as Sis. Farooqa refers to our seniors as


"SIANEY - the wise ones"

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