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  1. Complete Application Form;

    • Download and submit in person.

    • Fill online and submit.

  2. Answer all questions accurately.

  3. After submission, SMIC Membership Committee will review your application. You will be notified via email whether your application was accepted.

  4. Upon approval, a member number will be assigned and provided via email.

  5. Please contact if you have any questions.

  • Where can I find the Membership Application Form?
    The form is available on our website along with the Guidelines and Instructions. It can also be provided via email if you send a request for the Membership Application Form to
  • How many membership types does SMIC offer?
    SMIC offers 2 types of memberships: Family membership - $480 per fiscal year (from September 1 till August 31) Individual membership - $240 per fiscal year (from September 1 till August 31)
  • What is the SMIC membership fiscal year?
    SMIC membership fiscal year is from September 1st of one year till August 31st of the following year. For example, 2017 SMIC membership fiscal year is September 1st, 2017 till August 31st, 2018.
  • Can I pay for more than one year?
  • Do I have the option of paying membership dues monthly?
    Yes, however if you choose to pay membership dues monthly instead of making a one-time payment, cash or check will not be an acceptable mode of payment. Please provide credit card information in Part 4 of the Membership form for SMIC to charge the monthly membership fee.
  • Can I include in my application other family members?
    You can list full names of your spouse, children and any dependents (e.g. parents) residing with you in Part 3 of the application. If not listed on the membership application at the time it is processed and approved, additional names will not be added to your membership for the current fiscal year. You may make edits to the family members section at the time of renewing your membership for the next fiscal year by filling out a new application form.
  • How do I submit printed Membership Application Form?
    Place the completed application form in an envelope along with the required fee (unless paid online) and insert the envelope in the donation box located in the entrance of SMIC. Completed application form can also be scanned and emailed to
  • How do I submit the required fee?
    The fee could be paid either through our website using a debit/credit card. If paying online, click Donate and kindly: select Category: "Fees - Rosemount" in the memo section list: “SMIC membership 2017” OR by a check/cash enclosed with the completed form inserted into the donation box. If paying by a check, kindly: (a) make it payable to: SMIC (b) write in the memo line of your check: membership fee for 1 year .
  • How will I know if my membership application has been accepted?
    You may consider your application form accepted if (a) your payment was successfully submitted and (b) you received an e-mail within two weeks from SMIC providing you with your membership ID.
  • If I’m only renewing my membership, do I need to follow the same steps?"
    Yes. This will help us in our efforts to streamline a number of key processes.
  • Do I have to be a resident of one of the South metro suburbs?
  • What benefits I will receive as a SMIC membership holder?
    SMIC membership has many benefits, including: Sunday school tuition at a discounted rate (Please note: tuition discounts are only available to family membership holders) Discounted rental rates for SMIC’s banquet room, gymnasium & classrooms Free access to gymnasium during non-event hours for various sports activities Discounted rates for ticketed events organized by SMIC
  • Whom should I contact for additional information?
    For all inquiries relating to SMIC membership form please contact
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