1. Complete Application Form;

    • Download and submit in person.

    • Fill online and submit.

  2. Answer all questions accurately.

  3. After submission, SMIC Membership Committee will review your application. You will be notified via email whether your application was accepted.

  4. Upon approval, a member number will be assigned and provided via email.

  5. Please contact if you have any questions.

Membership FAQ

Inclusive  •  Complete Hiring Process

Our Recruitment Process A custom and tailored recruitment process, sourcing a Virtual Assistant to meet your needs. Each position attracts around 100-150 applicants, Our recruitment process typically comprises of 7 filtering stages and takes 3-4 weeks as we focus on best talent hired directly for clients. We are recruiting against skill and experience, as much as we are looking for the right personality match and fit. Stage 1: Sourcing candidates We write up a professional job description and recruit for each position individually, direct to our client's needs. We list across the major job board platforms used by Filipinos, we pay to upgrade our ads and for more complex positions we actively headhunt to find the strongest applicants. Inclusive. We process these entirely until your final shortlist. When posting onto job boards or headhunting candidates, we're actively encouraging large volumes of applicants, a much bigger talent pool means a better match. Stage 2: Initial CV Screening This process varies entirely depending on the position, it's tailored to each hire need. For example, some positions may require a qualification (finance positions for instance). Comparatively a customer support representative, typically don't need a specific qualification. In this instance sourcing for skill and experience becomes a stronger first focus. Stage 3 Initial email call and response We send emails back and forth to test responsiveness and their style of communication. We're looking at how they write, how they address us, how formal or casual their communication is. We're experiencing them from a third-party perspective, seeing their approach (formal or casual) and most importantly their written English throughout emails. Stage 4: 1-way interview We invite successful candidates to a 1-way video interview, this is a virtual video interview they have with us. The interview lasts about 20-30 minutes and is included with any Virtual Assistants in your final selection. Stage 5: Professional assessments by Criteria Corp We use kick-ass industry-leading software, we're quite proud of it. Professional deep level personality assessments and the results are incredibly accurate, this really helps us to understand a candidate's deeper level fit for a position. Take a look​ Stage 6: Live Interview This is a 30-minute 2-way live interview, with us at Addison Consultancy (typically all attended by our CEO for the final shortlist). This is where get to know each Virtual Assistant more personally as well as gain a deeper level understanding of skill, experience and capabilities. Stage 7: Shortlisted selection for clients Here we will put forward up to 5 of the strongest Virtual Assistants from our recruitment drive. Included with each will be their CV, video interview, personality and skill assessments, our written feedback summary. Clients decide who to interview and we help facilitate. If we cannot find the talent we will recruit for the position again, we care most about finding a great match.

Inclusive  •  Consultancy for clients

We are experts in our field, we've consulted on and built 6 figure businesses, we're experts in start-up and SME virtual growth. What's included 3+ hours of 1:1 professional consultancy directly from Craig Addison, our CEO. The impact of just one 60 minute session can be (and is often) a game changer to business. We truly are experts at what we do, therefore most clients feel a business-wide positive impact from this consultancy. Remote work setup We look at entire workflows for the smoothest way to manage work seamlessly. Addressing areas of manual processes, software usage, workflows and more. Many companies don't have the experience of scaling a business online (or virtually) and this is one of our greatest expertise. Since working with a Virtual Assistant is remote, we want to ensure that you can communicate so fluidly that you may as well be in the same office! Achieving this transforms productivity and encourages building a connection, in the way you'd connect with colleagues sharing an office. This transforms workflow, management and delivers results, Inclusive software and workflows We include all workflow software as part of our service No add-ons, no extra costs, simply inclusive. We are very picky with software, in fact we deep level test countless softwares and work with the best. It's a passion for us, we learn software so well that for some we have greater knowledge than their own support teams! This knowledge and direct 1:1 advice and support is inclusive to our clients and to their VAs equally. We even train and help with any setup. Craig Addison, CEO, our consultant A little about Craig's background in relation to consultancy Craig is the definition of a true nomad, traveling the world for 4.5 years while scaling businesses virtually. His passion is remote work and Filipino outsourcing, therefore consultancy is inclusive. Most recently Craig built a virtual eCommerce company with 30 full-time Filipino Virtual Assistants alongside only him. The team processed 1000 orders per day manually at peak, through a solid self-sustaining management system in a £4million company. Craig uses many of these same techniques to train clients and Virtual Assistants to create the foundations for success. Why do we include consultancy? By including this consultancy we found that all clients have experienced countless direct benefits. We bridge the culture gap between Virtual Assistants and clients, we build and support the relationship and create the framework and solid foundations for success. When clients understand how to work with VAs it strengthens the relationship and directly leads to better work results and much stronger long-term retention. Only when our clients and VAs are successful together can we achieve success, so we share our highest level expertise as an inclusive support, helping every client to achieve greatness!

Inclusive  •  Onboarding

Fully managed training and onboarding, the foundations to success.


We train your VA in all essential software to reduce your workload and get them to speed fast. No mess, no stress, positive results! Likewise, we also train our clients in how to work with VAs seamlessly online, in any tools and software and act as a partner on demand.


We even help you build out a simple but comprehensive workflow of training and day to day task setup. The same workflows to support communication and this seamless work style together, to ensure maximum productivity while building a great work relationship for the future.

We professionally onboard your new staff into your business, by your side. We’re great at this support because it’s what we love to !

Inclusive  •  Co-Management

On-demand professional support for you & your VA
Reducing your management hours by more than 50% - We include a VA Manager as part of our service. They will support with any quetsions and support needs between you and your VA, they'll also support with hours, scheduling, tracking, training, resources and act as a direct support contact on demand. For best success, we handle the complexities as your partner.
VAs literally love this support, it's a complete game-changer to all and is fully inclusive.


A fully inclusive service


Initial consulting, source and hiring, VA payroll and all benefits, client business consultancy, professional onboarding and ongoing co-management.

Guideline cost:

A mid-level general, non-specialist position

A full-time experienced Virtual Assistant (part-time also available)

Monthly from GBP £960 | USD $1,300 | EUR €1,200 full-time (40h/pw)

70% less than comparable western salaries.
No additional taxes, fees, no employment fees or liabilities.

Our one-off hiring management and onboarding fee is £320

Inclusive  •  HR - Payroll - Benefits Management

Complete HR Management

All fully inclusive

Yes you heard it right, all of the complexities that come with HR for staffing are handled by us, stress free.

Timesheet and hours

We use the best time tracking software in the industry as standard, giving our clients access also. This not only tracks worked hours but it also takes 3 random screenshots within every 10 minutes period. Giving total transparency on work and accountability.

All clients are given an access to view all timesheet data, screenshots and run any reports. As standard we can even cap working hours to prevent unwanted overtime.

We invoice clients monthly at the same time as paying Virtual Assistants.

We attach the timesheets to invoices and of course clients have full on demand access to our software to check work output, screenshots and hours with total transparency.

Virtual Assistant Payroll

We pay virtual Assistants monthly , we also handle all benefits including paid vacation, health insurance benefit, bonus and more (all of which are also included in our service, no add ons). Paid benefits include 13th month bonus, vacation pay, health insurance and more.

We also handle:

  • Scheduling and attendance
  • Time off (vacation and sick leave)
  • Reporting requirements as necessary
  • ID, proof of address and reference checking
  • Professional contracts, legally compliant in The Philippines
  • Supportive checking of all timesheets and screenshots daily
  • Cover staff during any prolonged periods of leave or change
  • Any discrepancies, grievances and disciplinary

Want to add a bonus for your VA?

No problem, we facilitate this typically at no extra cost! Should you personally choose to pay a bonus or other benefit, we take on no commission and pass on 100% to the Virtual Assistant. Then billed with simplicity at the end of the month.

Guarantees & Protection


If we don’t find the VA who fits your business both personally and professionally, we will recruit again at no fee, no questions asked. Our #1 priority is the Virtual Assistant who fits your business the best. We focus on long-term careers, your success is our success.

30 day guarantee

Not working out? The 30-day probationary period protects both you and the Virtual Assistant equally.

VA contracts

Every Virtual Assistant signs a legal contract which protects all parties, especially our clients. These are lawyer written, legally backed contracts enforceable in the Philippines, giving a comparable protection to a Western hire.

Client Contracts

We have professional contracts to protect the agreement between us and clients, to outline the responsibilities of us in our service, VAs and clients. We are a fair company, with very mutual terms to all, while offering maximum protection possible to all.

Timesheet Tracking Software

All VAs are paid via Hubstaff, this software not only tracks timesheets but also all activity and records all work via random screenshots to ensure 100% complete transparency. Clients have full access.

Internet Security

The Philippines has great infrastructure due to it’s huge scale in outsourcing. We ensure that every VA has a Norton Antivirus paid subscription through us, inclusive.

Ethical hiring & attracting best talent

VAs literally love working for us, hands down we have incredible feedback as we put people first to the next level. We listen, we care about Filipinos, we're proud to be the company that makes a positive impact.

We provide some of the best pay, benefits and support in the industry. While also including an incredibly positive, supportive and motivated community. We even have weekly virtual social events with prizes, games, training, support and activities run by our team. We have a team who's job it is to just support and bring energy to our client's VAs in our community.

Why? This means clients working for our clients, backed through us are part of something bigger with other like-minded VAs. Motivated staff, happy, with great retention!

Benefits we include to all (inclusive in our fees):

  • We pay VAs at least 5x minimum wage

  • 13th-month bonus (double pay in December)

  • 12 days of paid sick | vacation

  • HMO Private Healthcare

  • New laptop at month 18

  • Annual paid vacation for all staff

  • SSS Social Security Benefit reclaim

  • On-demand 1:1 support anytime from us, a major help to VAs

  • Regular team meetings and training

We also include monthly training on software, processes and most of our revenue goes back to Virtual Assistants. Your VA joins our whole community of VAs socially and professionally, It's very impactful.

See more in the VA Hiring pages.

Inclusive  •  Software

Inclusive software, setup, training, support.
Slack. Seamless communication between you, your VA and us. Amazing integrations.

Asana. We choose Asana because it's one of the most intuitive tools for quick learning and simple use. Yet, it holds enough complexity for larger projects.

Hubstaff: Manages timesheets and screenshots of work, 3 screenshots taken at random within every 10 minutes.

BambooHR: Beautiful HR software.

GetGuru: Sharing knowledge!

What we do for our clients

We’re experts in outsourced recruitment and virtual assistants

We’re sourcing high calibre virtual assistants to fit our client’s company and job opening. Think of our virtual assistants more as staff hired by our clients, while we handle all of the HR. We encourage careers and build a service based around retention.

We’re sourcing a skilled, focussed and career minded virtual assistants for our clients, as opposed to "temps" or typical "contractors". A long-term virtual staff member, comingbin with experience. We’re comprehensive in our service offering and extensively inclusive. We’re centred around providing the best service we possibly can and highest calibre of staffing and support. While maintaing affordability wih prices built for startups and SMEs.

We handle part-time and full-time virtual assistants, we understand our client’s needs then source to fit around our this spec. We then handle end-to-end recruitment, onboarding VAs to to our client, training, coaching, contracts, legal, co-management and all HR.

Then continues support, payroll, billing, software and much more.