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Judgement Day

Updated: May 19, 2022

Credit: Yaqeen Institue

EP.1 What Happens to You After You Die?

In the darkness of your freshly covered grave, as you hear the footsteps of your family walking away, nothing from this worldly life will help as your eternity begins—except one thing: your good deeds. One by one, they’ll show up in the form of beautiful people, guarding you from the punishments of the grave and bestowing you with glad tidings and the best source of companionship.


EP.2 When the Trumpet Sounds

When the Trumpet sounds, how will you be raised from your grave? Your actions up until the moment you die determine the very first moments of your resurrection. Were you faithful and charitable, or disobedient and greedy? The good deeds that you did in this world rise up to protect you as you navigate the tribulations that follow.


EP3. Clothing of Honor or Humiliation

In the hereafter, deeds take on many forms. We’ve already seen that they guard us in the grave, but they also clothe us on the Day of Judgment—and their quality and beauty will be in exact proportion to the quality of our actions. Deeds related to sadaqah and Qur’an will have particular virtue, adorning us with crowns and with the green robes of Paradise.


EP.4 You Will Be With Those Whom You Love

As you are raised with those you loved in this temporary world, Jibreel (a) and the angels will line up in silent rows and Hell and Heaven will be brought near to the wicked and the righteous. In that indescribably anxious Hour, two things will differentiate the true believers: their immense, actionable love for Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and the five key qualities (and deeds) they embodied that Allah has promised an eternal reward for.


EP.5 When Allah Addresses the Gathering

What will it be like to meet your Lord? That first encounter is entirely up to you.


EP.6 Two Faces and One Tongue

The Prophet ﷺ and his Companions warned us many times to beware the follies of the tongue. A heedless word or a biting insult could result in the worst punishments in the hereafter because they hurt other people so deeply. But a believer who guards their tongue and speaks well of others will have glad tidings on the Day of Judgment.


EP.7 Long Necks and Gray Hair

What is the worth of your gray hair on the Day of Judgment? Your wounds? Your dark circles and stretch marks? When gained for the sake of Allah, these are all marks of honor for righteous deeds that He will reward for all of eternity in the most beautiful of ways.


EP.8 What Banner Represents You

On the Day of Judgment, everyone’s banners will be revealed. The treacherous will be publicly outed and the righteous will be publicly known. What banner will be erected above your head?


EP.9 Pulpits of Light

What is a pulpit of light, and who will be granted the special status of standing upon one on the day in which throngs will be crushed together? They are reserved for those who were humble and just. In contrast, those who were tyrannical in this world will be so disregarded that they will be no larger than ants.


EP.10 Seven Under the Shade of Allah

In the sweltering heat of Judgment Day, there will be seven groups of people who will be under the cool shade of the Throne of Allah, the Most High. They are the sabiqoon, the forerunners, granted a special position for all of eternity.


EP.11 When He Asks About Your Prayer

Salah is the most important deed we can fulfill for our Creator. Standing trial on that Day, the first thing Allah will ask you about is your prayer. Will Allah show you His mercy, or will you be forgotten?


EP.12 Mountains and Mirages

Your deeds on Judgment Day may grow to be as mighty as mountains…or they could be crushed into dust, meaningless as a mirage. It all depends on the sincerity and God-consciousness that you expressed in the life of this world. Like the Companions, be mindful of your deeds, but always keep in mind the endless mercy of Allah.


EP.13 Your Limbs Will Testify

You may know that your deeds will appear in the form of human beings in your grave to speak of what you’ve sent forth. But what will happen when your limbs speak? Your possessions? The animals you encountered and the earth you prayed upon? On the Day of Judgment, Allah the All-Seeing will cause everything from your life in this world to testify for or against you according to your deeds.

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